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Summer School Program


June 3, 2024 - June 26, 2024


Monday - Thursday


9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Premier High School's summer school program is designed to help students improve their academic foundation and improve their academic pacing using the Premier Model. This is a great opportunity to earn credits for courses that were not completed in the 23-24 school year or get a jumpstart on courses scheduled in the 24-25 school year.


Students will be required to take a minimum of two tests a week in at least two courses and will need to spend at least 30-40 minutes of homework each day.

High School Summer School is designed for:

  • Students who failed to earn the required 6.5 credits in the 23-24 school year. 
  • Students who want to take additional courses to make room in their future schedule.


Summer School Dates:

June 3, 2024 - June 26, 2024

Summer School Days:

Monday - Thursday 

Class Schedule:


9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


20 min Lunch Break at 12:00 PM


Enrollment Cost:  


No Cost to Student/Parent 


Premier High School Austin Wells Branch

13801 Burnet Rd. Suite 300, Austin, TX 78727

Student Expectations:

  • Attendance: Classroom attendance is required for the entire five-hour block. Absences cannot be made up.  Students are allowed two absences before the loss of credit. Students will be dropped from a course if absences exceed allowed days, no exceptions. If a student completes the courses they were enrolled in, they can complete summer school early. 
  • Breakfast/Lunch: A short break will be provided at 12PM. Students arriving at 9:00 AM with breakfast will be sent to the cafeteria and marked late to school. Students must be in the classroom by 9:00 AM.  
  • Tardiness: Tardiness counts against a student's daily absence. If the student exceeds three tardies, the student will be dropped from summer school and no course credit will be provided. 
  • Discipline Issues: Students sent home due to discipline will be dropped from Summer School. It is expected that students of Premier High School will conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Students are expected to follow all  policies, rules, and regulations of Premier High School Austin Wells Branch. 
  • Classes: Students are allowed up to 2.0 credits worth of work to be completed during the summer school session. 
  • Homework: Students are expected to complete homework in the evening and weekends. 
  • Dress Code: A neat and well-groomed appearance is a requirement for attendance. 
  • Cell Phones: Absolutely no cell phones will be allowed. Students will have to place their phones in the cell phone cubby in the classroom. If a student is found using a cell phone, the student will be sent home and dropped from summer school. 
  • HB4545: Students that failed an EOC course may attend summer school for tutorials. These hours count towards the required 15 hours for next school year. 
  • Food Deliveries: Due to limited staffing, we will not allow food deliveries. We will have a refrigerator and microwaves available to students during their lunch break. 
The child nutrition program will not be offered in summer school. Please ensure your child eats breakfast before arriving at school. As a reminder, we are a closed campus therefore students will not be allowed to leave campus during school hours. Students may bring a water bottle, snacks and a sack lunch. Students arriving at school with breakfast at 9:00 am will be sent to the cafeteria and marked late. Due to limited staff, food deliveries will not be allowed. 
If you have any questions please contact the Campus Director at [email protected]