Premier High School - Austin Wells Branch

Who We Are

At Premier High School - Austin (Wells Branch), the success of our students is what matters most. Some students need a new opportunity, while others seek an individualized educational approach that is not offered by traditional schools. Whether a student has fallen behind or simply wants to get ahead, our true learner-based environment is designed to ensure that they learn and succeed.
Premier High School Students

Our Program

We offer students the opportunity to earn a diploma away from the overcrowded high school setting. We offer a self-directed academic program that allows you to work toward a diploma at your own pace. Our schedules allow you to have a balance between family and work life.


Welcome to Premier High School - Austin (Wells Branch)! At Premier High School, our caring staff helps design a program tailored to your educational and career goals. Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them.

Premier High School doesn’t offer a traditional education. We implement a system that is built around the student’s needs. We present the correct tools for students to strengthen their academic weaknesses and improve upon their strengths. Our self-directed curriculum, passionate teachers, and proven academic program helps students achieve their goals on their own terms.

If a little hard work and a bright future appeal to you, we’d like to meet you.

With Warmest Regards,
Veronica Phillips
Campus Director


Vision and Hearing Scheduled for January 26th

As a convenience to parents, METROPLEX EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS INC will provide VISION and HEARING screenings. These screenings are mandatory for certain grades according to Texas Health Code.
Breakfast Pack

Free Breakfast Packs for All (2021-2022)

This year, Breakfast at Premier High School Austin (Wells Branch) will be free for students regardless of household income. We can offer this program thanks to a waiver from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that was offered to schools nationwide. Students can go to the Common Area to eat breakfast at 8:00 AM. Click to learn more.

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