New Dress Code and School Uniforms

Tops: Premier t-shirt, polo or hoodie. If you are unable to purchase a top from any of the below sites a solid top would be okay, no graphics please. (Solid white, black, red or gray) 
Students may wear jeans, pants, skirts and shorts in the following colors: blue, black, khaki or premier colors below. Jeans with rips are not acceptable. Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length above the knee.
Girls: dresses are okay in any of the premier colors. 
Where can I purchase? 
Families can purchase uniforms online at ApparelNow and French Toast.
Do I have to purchase a premier branded top? No, students may wear solid clothing in any of the premier colors. 
  • Apparel Now: Click Here  (Customization Available)
Premier Colors: Red, Black, White and Gray. 
UPDATE: If you are unable to purchase a premier uniform from any of the above providers please do not stress. As mentioned under "Tops". Students may wear a solid top as long as there are no graphics on the top. Small brand logos are okay. Stores such as Michaels sells plain t-shirts for under $5. If you encounter any issues please contact me and we can work together. 
For more information regarding school uniforms, please click here or contact Mrs. Phillips at [email protected]