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Attendance Requirements 

  1. Visual confirmation of presence during Engagements, Attendance, and Launch Sessions
  2. Time spent on BrightThinker / Genius
  3. Regular and sufficient progress on assignments

Mental Health Is Important

We are excited to introduce Ms. Courtnei Robinson, PHS Regional Mental Health Counselor. If you need help or someone to talk to, please feel free to contact Ms. Robinson.

CCMR Counselor Corner

Students & Families, Mrs. Marlin is here to support you on your path to college and a career! Visit the CCMR Center to find information on Dual Credit, FAFSA, TSI, and other CCMR support.

Career & Technology Education

Our goal is to prepare students for high-wage, high-demand, high-skill careers by providing a coherent sequence of learning experiences that lead to one or many Industry-Based Certifications. 

Career Pathways

Programs of study are the sequences of courses that students can choose based on their career interests and geographic location. Our campus offers CTE courses in the following Career Pathways:

CTE Course Selection

Use this form to choose a Career Pathway that interests you and select courses in that program of study. You can also view all available CTE courses or courses that can be completed in one semester. Need help selecting your CTE courses? Schedule a meeting with Mr. Gonzalez.