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Dress Code

The goal of Premier High School Austin Wells Branch is to ensure students thrive in school and attend each day. We have made some exceptions to the dress code that will be allowed on campus. While we are trying to be flexible with our students, attire must be modest and not be distracting to the school environment. 


Students will be allowed to wear:


  • Frayed, cut and slightly ripped jeans (appropriate length required)
  • Colored hairstyles 
  • Tattoos (Inappropriate or gang related tattoos must remain covered) 
  • Hooded shirts/sweatshirts
  • Caps and Hats
  • Yoga Pants and Pant Leggings  
  • Pajama bottoms
Items not acceptable:
  • Remaining items in the district dress code not mentioned above.
  • Blankets
  • Backpacks, medium to large purses/bags. Item must be 8.5 x 11 in (paper size).
“We hope these changes will reduce inequitable and unnecessary discipline and help us maximize learning time” - Veronica Phillips, Campus Director, Premier High School Austin Wells Branch.



The school dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, to prevent disruption, and to minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with this dress code.


To maintain an orderly environment, all students shall be required to meet the minimum expectations of the school dress code. Dress and clothing that unduly attracts the attention of other students often precipitate comments and/or other reactions that are disruptive.


Safety, general health, and hygiene are factors that are also considered in the establishment of this dress code. The provisions of this dress code shall be enforced equally with regard to all students to whom the provisions apply.

The following criteria for a student’s personal dress and grooming standards provide the minimum requirements. Contact your local campus website or office for specific or additional dress code requirements.


General Criteria

A student’s personal dress and grooming standards shall not:

  1. Lead school staff to reasonably believe that such dress or grooming will disrupt, interfere with, disturb, or detract from school activities; or
  2. Create a health or other hazard to the student’s safety or to the safety of others.

Specific Criteria

  1. Clothing containing printed messages or designs -- except for small logos on shirts and shirts that promote school clubs, activities, organizations, teams, or school spirit approved by the Campus Director -- is not allowed.
  2. Clothing depicting drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or violence is not allowed.
  3. Startling, unusual, or immodest attire of any sort is not allowed. Fads in hairstyles, clothing, or anything designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus is not allowed.
  4. Hair is to be clean and well-groomed. Hairstyles and hair colors that are distracting to the learning environment are not allowed.
  5. Words, symbols, or designs shaved in hair (including facial hair and eyebrows), clothing, tattoos, and other articles that are considered gang-related are not allowed.
  6. Extremely baggy clothing is not allowed. Pants, shorts, etc. are not to be worn below the waistline and should be appropriately sized.
  7. Shorts may be worn, but must reach at least fingertip length. Tight-fitting shorts or "short shorts” are not allowed.
  8. Tongue rings and visible body piercings, other than earrings, are not allowed. Dangling earrings are not allowed.
  9. Visible tattoos and body art are not allowed.
  10. Cutoffs, boxer shorts, pajama bottoms, bike shorts, short leggings as outer garments, etc. are not allowed.
  11. Hats, scarves, bandanas, hair coverings, sweatbands, or hooded shirts are not allowed except under circumstances designated by the Campus Director.
  12. Torn, ripped, or cut clothing is not allowed.
  13. Trench coats and dusters are not allowed.
  14. Grills or temporary decorations on teeth are not allowed.
  15. Chains, handcuffs, jewelry, or accessories that suggest weaponry are not allowed.
  16. Students are to wear appropriate shoes or sandals at all times. House shoes and shoes with wheels are not allowed.
  17. Excessive makeup is not allowed.
Boys: Additional Guidelines
  1. Shirts are to have sleeves.
  2. Mustaches, beards, and other facial hair must be kept neat and trimmed.
Girls: Additional Guidelines
  1. Apparel that is too tight or too short to prevent modesty is not allowed.
  2. Low-cut apparel is not allowed.
  3. Girls are to wear sufficient undergarments.
  4. The following are unacceptable: clothing designed with shoulder straps less than three inches wide, bare midriffs, halters, or bare backs.

Enforcement Procedures

If the student’s dress or grooming is inappropriate or objectionable under these provisions, the Campus Director or designee shall request the student to make appropriate corrections. If the student refuses, the Campus Director or designee shall notify the student’s parent and request that the parent make the necessary correction. If both the student and parent refuse, the Campus Director shall take appropriate disciplinary action, including removal from school until the student is in compliance with the dress code. Decisions of the Campus Director or designee regarding dress and grooming are considered final. Failure to comply with the dress code will result in disciplinary action.