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PHS Wells Branch Summer Reading
This summer reading project is geared to help you prepare for and effectively complete your English course this school year. A good book has the power to transport us to new places and different times, but it can also remind us of some important moments in our own lives, so have fun reading this summer.
Choose ONE of the books from your list for your summer reading and complete the activities which follow.
NB - Books marked with an asterisk (*) will be used during the course of the school year. Books marked with two asterisks (**) may be used for book reports, literary analyses, or research.

Follow these steps when writing your literary analysis:

1. Ask questions
2. Collect evidence
3. Construct a thesis statement
4. Develop and organize arguments
5. Write the introductory paragraph
6. Write the body paragraphs
7. Write the conclusion
Projects completed during the summer will count as ONE essay grade when you return to school.
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the
more places you will go.” - Dr. Seuss