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Why Does My Child Have to Attend Friday Tutorials or Saturday School?

There are various reasons why Premier High School offers Saturday School:

  • STAAR Testing Tutorials

  • Student needs or wants extra tutorial time

  • Too many absences have caused your child to fall behind in school (Saturday School Mandatory)

  • Student is not on pace with their courses (Saturday School Mandatory)

  • Student is not meeting the required 2 Unit Tests per week (Saturday School Mandatory)

  • Student is a virtual student and needs more Academic Support.

While Saturday School doesn't seem like fun, it is an extra opportunity for your child to get help. We ALL want our students to be successful! If your child is struggling or not meeting the 2 tests per week requirements then Friday afternoon and Saturday Tutorials are a MUST. The semester ends on January 8th, students should earn approximately 3-3.5 credits by the end of each semester. 

Every week a student is not testing, they are falling farther behind. 

See Parent/Student Handbook pg. 44

"Students are encouraged and may be required to see teachers for tutoring schedules, including mandatory tutoring after school or on Saturday. Private tutoring is the responsibility of the parent. Teachers are not permitted to tutor their students privately for pay.

Mandatory Tutorials Each campus will implement the assigned and prescribed tutorial program. Students identified for mandatory tutoring, either during the school week or on Saturdays, must attend. Failure to participate appropriately in the tutoring system may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the school."
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Tutorial Schedule