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School Dress Code and Uniforms

Tops: Premier t-shirt, polo or hoodie. If you are unable to purchase a top from any of the below sites a solid top would be okay, no graphics please. (Solid white, black, red or gray) 
Bottoms: Students may wear jeans, pants, skirts and shorts in the following colors: blue, black, khaki or premier colors below. Jeans with rips are not acceptable. Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length above the knee.
Girls: dresses are okay in any of the premier colors.
Premier Colors: Red, Black, White and Gray. 
UPDATE: If you are unable to purchase a premier uniform from any of the above providers please do not stress. As mentioned under "Tops". Students may wear a solid top as long as there are no graphics on the top. Small brand logos are okay. Stores such as Michaels sells plain t-shirts for under $5. If you encounter any issues please contact me and we can work together. 
Where can I purchase? 
Families can purchase uniforms online at ApparelNow and French Toast.
Do I have to purchase a premier branded top? No, students may wear solid clothing in any of the premier colors. 
apparel now
Customization Available
Sizes from Apparel Now are coming in smaller, please size up when making a purchase.
French Toast Apparel
French Toast
School Code
Apparel Now and French Toast are vendors that we use,
we do not have any of these items in stock on the campus. 
For more information regarding school uniforms, please click here or contact Mrs. Phillips at [email protected]