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Campus Emergency Drills

Schools and the Emergency Management System

An emergency is any unplanned event, which can cause significant injuries, substantial damage, disrupt normal operations, and/or threatens the success or existence of an organization. Emergency Management is the process of planning for, responding to, recovering from and mitigating the emergency. The recent emergence of domestic terrorism as a major threat to our way of life has led to the modification of the traditional cycle of emergency management. Current planning documents include provisions for awareness and prevention to be integrated into the planning cycle. Given the reality that our school system presents prolific opportunities for an attack on a “soft”, high population density target, (meaning no emergency response team on the campuses), considerable emphasis is being placed on integrating our schools into the information flow as expeditiously as possible. 

School officials have the responsibility for the welfare of the students, faculty and staff. Typically, municipalities use school facilities for the safety of people in the community as part of local emergency management plan. Non-governmental organizations may also include school facilities in the emergency plans. Developing a coordinated plan will help successfully to endure and mitigate the potential effects of disaster events. A well-coordinated school emergency plan which complements and supports local plans will strengthen the level of preparedness, facilitate situational assessment following a disaster event, and enhance the expeditious delivery of assistance from all levels of government. 

Premier High School Austin Wells Branch performs various drills each month. In the event a drill is occurring while visitors arrive to campus, the drill may not be interrupted and visitors must follow drill procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Director.