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Required Public Notices

Important public notices and annual notifications can be found on this page.

Responsive Ed’s policy Premier Austin Wells Branch, regarding student accident insurance may be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.  It says,  “The school is not responsible for medical costs associated with a student’s injury nor is the school responsible for medical costs associated with injuries to parents, visitors, or volunteers.  At the beginning of each school year, the school does make available, however, an optional, low-cost student accident insurance program to assist parents in meeting medical expenses. A parent who desires coverage for his or her student will be responsible for paying insurance premiums and submitting claims.”

Below is information about this voluntary student accident insurance program.  We do not administrate the program, only make it available to parents or students who wish to participate and self-enroll.  Attached is an informational memo from HSR – Health Special Risk, Inc. entitled, “Enroll Online Now at www.K12StudentInsurance.com” available to parents and students upon their 2020-2021 enrollment.  Also attached is the information for (Schedule of Benefits –Economy/Premier Voluntary Plans, Policy Forms, informational sheets in English and in Spanish, and student claim form).  This information is online at www.health special risk.com.  Parents are encouraged to go online and obtain the information there.  Please go to the home page to browse rates (use the drop-down to select the State, then the School District as Responsive Education Solutions).  It will then give the option to select a brochure and enrollment form by clicking on the links in English or Spanish:

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Tex. Educ. Code § 28.009(b-2)(7). 2 requires a district to post their agreement with public institutions of higher education offering dual credit programs annually.  

Location: ACC Dual Credit Partnership Agreements: Click Here

Location: Lone Star Colleges and ResponsiveEd:  Click Here