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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is regular attendance important?

Daily attendance is extremely important, when students improve their attendance, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating. Premier High School is a mastery-based program and students are required to test a minim of two times per week in order to stay on track towards getting promoted to the next grade level or meeting the graduation deadline. Missed days contribute to students falling behind schedule in completing their knowledge units. 

To learn more about Compulsory Attendance, Attendance for Credit, and what to do if your child is ill, click here

What is the New Tardy Policy?

For each tardy, a student will be assigned an hour tutorial after school. Once they have completed that tutorial they will turn in a note from their teacher to the Campus Director verifying the tutorial. Multiple tardy offenders will be referred to the Campus Director.

How can I get my student out of class for an appointment?    

To avoid a long wait for your student in the main office (and so we won't have to interrupt valuable classroom time), the preferred method is: 

1) E-mail [email protected] as soon as you know the time and date of your child's appointment. Include the following information in your e-mail:  Student name, reason student is leaving (doctor, dentist appointment or other), what day and time your student needs to leave, and a daytime phone number where we can reach you (information may be verified). The teacher will be notified by our office.  


2) Send a note with your student to the main office before school.  Please include the information requested above.  Our office will notify the teacher. Unless a student is a driver, parents are to come to the Main Office to sign out their student.

How can my student login to the student portal? 

Students can type sis.responsiveed.com in their Chrome browser. Students can then enter their username and password to gain access to their online courses. 

If your student has forgotten their username or password please have them email their teachers:

How do I get access to the parent portal to view my child's progress and grades online?

Please visit the following site for instructions on the Guardian Portal Overview, click here

How can I obtain a Verification of Enrollment (VOE)?

A student must meet one of the following requirements to receive a VOE. 

  1. Met minimum attendance for class credit (90 Percent Rule) in each class they were enrolled in the semester, 

  2. Received credit for all courses taken in the previous semester, OR 

  3. Has complied with the conditions established by the school to receive this VOE form. 

For questions, please email the Campus Director at [email protected]

Mental  Health  and Wellness Resources for Students and Families

  • Crisis Text Line / Free 24/7 and Confidential - Text HELLO to 741741 

The Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to a trained counselor for support and information via the medium people already use and trust: text. AllianceforSafeKids.org.