Class of 2023 Info Session

Attention Class of 2023!

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Our Commencement Ceremony

Congratulations, it's your Senior year! We are quickly moving into the Fifth Six Weeks of school, I hope that you are looking forward towards meeting your graduation requirements. 
Your ceremony will be held at the University of Texas at Austin - LBJ Auditorium on Saturday, May 27, 2023.
For many Premier High School graduates, the highlight of their education is participating in our annual high school graduation ceremony. This is a live event that we hold every year at The University of Texas at Austin to honor graduates of Premier High School. Graduates, their family and friends are invited to attend to celebrate this momentous occasion.

As you continue to move on with your courses please ensure that you have met with your Senior Teacher and you understand what courses you need for graduation and how many tests you need to be completing each week in order to graduate on May 27th. As you know, the deadline to be course complete is Friday, May 19th. Please know that this is a tight deadline and no exceptions will be made. By now, you should have a good understanding of what you need to do to meet graduation requirements, if you are not sure please request a Senior Review Meeting with your Teacher or Campus Director. 

This is a critical time of year for you, please ensure that you are planning ahead and meeting all your requirements. In addition, please ensure that you are managing your attendance. Any attendance issues may result in credit holds and jeopardize meeting your graduation requirements on time.  

Please check our Senior Information page for news and updates: Class of 2023 Graduation Information

We are here for you! Please contact your Senior Teacher or Campus Director for any questions. 


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Senior Student Action Items:

1) Do you know what you need to meet 2022-2023 graduation requirements? 

2) If you do not know where you are regarding courses or testing requirements, please schedule a Senior Review Meeting with your Teacher or Campus Director. Do not wait until it's too late. 

3) Register in the CPR Class - See instructions and registration code on the CPR sheet in Google Classroom. 

4) Use your Senior Requirements Checklist to complete your Senior Requirements. Senior Requirements are also available in Google Classroom. 

5.) Don't forget to reach out to Ms. Marlin for TSI and College Acceptance Requirements.  

Cap and Gown Orders

The time has finally come! Order your graduation Cap and Gown, Senior Class Ring, Graduation Announcements and Much More!  Click here

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Senior Meeting Slides

Coming Soon


What time is graduation?

We are currently working on those details. We will post this information once the ceremony details are finalized?

How many people can I invite to my graduation?

In order to accommodate Premier South and Pflugerville graduates, we will have a limit of family and friends that you may invite. Free tickets with the number of friends and family will be available soon.